Inauguration Day on 10-April-2016,

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DSC_9209DSC_9212DSC_9226DSC_9228DSC_9240DSC_9235DSC_9250DSC_9267DSC_9271DSC_9284DSC_9286DSC_9291DSC_9299DSC_9302DSC_9304DSC_9307DSC_9312DSC_9318DSC_9321DSC_9332DSC_9339DSC_9354DSC_9365DSC_9367DSC_9371DSC_9373DSC_9378DSC_9427DSC_9437DSC_9442International Pharmaceutical Factory ” IPF Pharma ” ‘s Inauguration Day, on 10-April-2016, presided by H.E Dr. Ouk Rabun, Minister of ministry of Rural Development, H.E Ph. Chou Yin Sim, Secretary of state, Ministry of Health and H.E Prof. Dr. Sabo Ojano, Secretary of state, Ministry of Environment and Madam Ouk Ravin.

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